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The Peyote Ritual: Visions and Descriptions of Monroe Tsa Toke
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The design represents the coming of a new day, of

nature as she paints the sky in early dawn in the blue,

vermilion, yellow and the brilliant colors of various

hues. Wonderful how each dawn brings to humanity

some joys, some sorrows, some hungering and thirsting

for the higher things of life. So, the Indians in their

religion feel the divine mystery of God must exist in

such a splendour. It seems to be that God must have

bestowed upon each creature a certain glory and

certain honour to show his handiwork; in considering

this handiwork he gets an inspiration by it to strive

and live, to do right as he struggles through life.

The design represents two Peyote fans. Both fans are

Macaws or parrot birds; only the two are different

colors. Nature paints these birds in most brilliant colors,

so the Indian uses this ceremonial fan in his worship in

the morning, because the colors appeal to him as the

creator bestowed that honour and glory on this bird

which is called "The Bird of the Dawn." He feels that each

bead that is put on the handle and on the buckskin to


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