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The Peyote Ritual: Visions and Descriptions of Monroe Tsa Toke
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Foreward, page vii

Introduction, page ix

The Inter-tribal Indian Ceremonial at Gallup, page xi

Monroe Tsa Toke on Indian Art, page xv

The Cormorant, page 3

The Yellow Hammers, page 13

The "Father Peyote" and Helper, page 17

Fire Bird, page 21

The Water Bird, page 25

The Morning Prayer, page 29

A Song Bird, page 33

The Bird of Dawn, page 37

A Peyote Design, page 41

The Flower of Dawn, page 45

Morning in Peyote Tepee, page 49

The Water Bird, page 53

O' Ho Mah, page 57

Prayer, page 61

The Spirit of a Kiowa Artist, page 65


Visions and Descriptions of Monroe Tsa Toke assumes no religious or political affiliations
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