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The Peyote Ritual: Visions and Descriptions of Monroe Tsa Toke
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The Indian regards the Peyote cult, or the herb, as a

spiritual and physical healer. The member of the Peyote

religion partakes of these herbs and under the sensation

gets an inspiration through some object which is being

used in the ceremonial meetings.

In the morning just before the water is bought in the

tepee where the Peyote religious meeting is being held

there is a solemn hush over everything for prayerful

meditation. This form of Indian religion is always held

at night. The fireman who takes care of the interior

of the tepee throughout the night prepares the fire then

carefully lays all things that are used in the ceremonial

meeting in order. The water is brought in by a woman;

then the praying proceeds; the woman prays first and

is followed by a prayer by the priest or conductor

of the meeting. It is a prayer that inspires in the mind

every precept of right, kindness, forgiveness, and

repentance, that goes to make up the creed of living.

The design represents my conception of the morning

prayer. At that moment he is under the potency of the

Peyote cult. The worshipper on both sides of the design

shows them in meditation how their words they utter.


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