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The Peyote Ritual: Visions and Descriptions of Monroe Tsa Toke
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At this time of the morning everyone takes in their

hands any feather fans they have along. The priest takes in

his hand dried cedars and sprinkles on the fire or altar;

when the smoke curls up each one immerses the fan and

themselves. This portion of the Peyote meeting is called

"cleansing the body and mind for the coming of the

morning." But above all, the Eagle Fan, the Water Bird,

the Falcon Hawk are three outstanding feather fans

used until morning water is brought in. Meaning: Eagle

represents purity, softness of his plumes represents love,

and his brilliant sight represents protection. Water Bird

represents water; Hawk represents swiftness.

A Peyote ceremonial in the morning is inspiring to

members to use their conception in design. Because of

the beauty of the morning, all things which are used

at that time are held reverent and holy.


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