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The Peyote Ritual: Visions and Descriptions of Monroe Tsa Toke
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The Water Bird
is used by the Indians a great deal

in the Peyote ceremonial meetings with prayers, with

good thoughts to the Great Spirit for peace and guidance

for our tribes. The use in meetings of the the feathers of

the Water Bird is because of the Water Bird's swiftness;

their feathers are also used for the sick.

The Kiowas go to the Peyote meetings to pray all night

and to sing. At midnight the chief of the meeting has

them drink of water, because water is life. Dry cedar is

put on the coals at midnight for prayer then.

This is because cedar is made by a great God and is

evergreen. Peyote is taken green or as juice, for

medicine. The Water Bird picture of Monroe Tsa Toke

is the Water Bird of the earth and the great above.

Alice Apekaume
Lucy Bottone
Members of the Kiowa tribe



P.S. Tsa Toke gives a similar description of the Water

bird as a messenger "between the earth and the greats."

This was his last painting.



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