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The Peyote Ritual: Visions and Descriptions of Monroe Tsa Toke
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In the middle nineteen thirties Mrs. Susan C. Peters

brought to the Inter-Tribal Ceremonial at Gallup a group

of young artists and dancers from the Kiowas of

Anadarko, Oklahoma. Monroe Tsa Toke brought and

exhibited two of his paintings, "The Cormorant,"

and "The Yellowhammers."

During the Ceremonial in the evenings there are pre-

sented parts of ancient ceremonies intermingled with

the dances still surviving, each presented by some one

of the twenty-one tribes. Here one begins to realize

something of the emotional stir in such Indians as

Tsa Toke, a ceremonial drummer, in their participation.

In the Southwest at night the stars seem closer to the

earth, more a part of the very old world in time and

culture which the Indians bring before us. There are

suggestions of ancient ritual dance, the earliest form of

drama, almost as old as the human race. This survival in

the dance and music, still alive and potent in the Ameri-

can Indian's cosmos, is "theatre" in the truest sense of

the word and beautiful theatre. Here is the continuance

of parts of the fertility rites from the remote past, of the



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